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About Columbia Culinary Tours

Experience the Flavors of Columbia

Our Story

Columbia Culinary Tours is a food and social tour experience in Columbia, Missouri. Affectionately referred to as CoMO, Columbia, is located midway between St. Louis and Kansas City. The campuses of the University of Missouri, Columbia College, and Stephens College surround downtown Columbia. It is a destination for anyone seeking education, culture, and athletic competition. With the influence of students and visitors from around the country and the world, Columbia is quickly emerging as a foodie’s paradise.

Columbia Culinary Tours wants to introduce you to the diverse flavors of our downtown area restaurants and food specialty shops. Although food is our focus, a culinary tour is so much more! Let us lead the way to a fun and memorable experience that indulges your taste buds while incorporating some of the historical events that have put CoMO on the map!

Columbia Culinary Tours provides a unique way to experience downtown Columbia’s food scene. We share its rich history as you stroll through the District and enjoy samples from some of its best restaurants and food specialty shops – all locally owned. We visit four to five restaurants and specialty food stores where you can meet the owner, manager, and/or chef and taste samples of the food that they are most proud of.

Join us on a tour and experience for yourself the appeal of big-city food offerings presented with small-town Midwestern hospitality!